The page lists the information for my potential PhD and undergraduate Final Year Projects (FYP) students, while the list of current CATF team members is available here. For more information, feel free to contact me through email: guojian [at]

Research topics will be mainly symmetric-key cryptography or related applications such as privacy-preserving technologies.

New 2021/04: There are several PhD student positions supported by scholarships on the topic of privacy-preserving technologies and machine learning:

PhD students

NTU Requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree of second-upper or higher, or equivalence with good GPA; A Master's degree is optional.

    2. English requirements of GRE and (TOEFL or IELTS): SPMS does not publish its requirement, but can refer to that by SCSE: GRE 319 + AW 3.5, TOEFL IBT 100, IELTS 6.5

Scholarships and Teaching Assistantships:

    1. The Research Scholarship (RSS) offered by NTU. Fee, Allowance, w/wo bonds, local students preferred.

    2. SINGA Scholarship offered by A*STAR Singapore. Fee, Allowance, w/o bonds, foreigners eligible.

    3. A*STAR Graduate Scholarship by A*STAR Singapore. Foreigners are required to take up Singapore Citizenship.

    4. Graduate Teaching Scheme (GTS) offered by the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NTU. Fee, bonds, SC/PR or local university degrees preferred. Living allowance may be provided through combination with CSC Overseas PhD scholarship or that by supervisor's research grant while available.

    5. Nanyang President's Graduate Scholarship (NPGS) for local students and exceptional good foreign students.

    6. Nanyang-DSO Graduate Program (NDGP) for Singapore Citizens on defence and security research & development only.

Fee: Tuition Fees; Allowance: living allowance of 2k or 2.5k SGD/month; bonds: compulsory requirement of working in Singapore for 3 years; local students: Singapore Citizen/Permanent Residents or local university degree holders.

My Personal Preferences:

    1. Bachelor degree from Maths or Computer Science/Engineering or Cyber Security

    2. Good knowledge in algorithms

    3. Good programming skills, such as C++, Python

    4. Existing research experience (internship with myself or other known cryptography research teams)

    5. Reference from known cryptography researchers

FYP students

I only accept FYP students who have the potential and interests to become my PhD students, i.e., FYP will be served as pre-PhD training. For that, the student needs to fulfill a CGPA of 4.5 and above, and will put up a PhD application before the final semester starts (be it the NPGS or the RSS).