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My name is Jian Guo, I am currently working with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. My research interests focus on symmetric-key cryptography, especially cryptanalysis, design and implementation of (lightweight) hash functions, block ciphers, authenticated encryption schemes, and their applications such as message authentication codes.

Current Appointments:

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  • [New] 2021/05: There are 2 open positions of (senior) postdoc research fellow for 1.5 years, on symmetric-key cryptography including but not limited to quantum attacks , cryptanalysis of AES and SHA-3, FHE/MPC friendly designs, automatic tools or machine learning for cryptanalysis: https://www.iacr.org/jobs/item/2575

  • [New] 2021/04: There are several PhD and Master student positions supported by scholarships on the topic of privacy-preserving technologies and machine learning: https://www.ntu.edu.sg/scripts/news-events/scripts-research-scholarships

  • To my potential PhD or Final Year Project students, refer to this page for information.


2021/03: The first preimage attack against 8-round AES hashing: news, eprint
2019/03: Invited talk at FSE 2019 on "Security of SHA-3 and Related Constructions"


01.2007 - 09.2010 Doctor of Mathematical Sciences School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
PhD Supervisor:
Huaxiong Wang Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

08.2003 - 11.2006 Bachelor of Engineering School of Computer Engineering
(with First Class Honors) Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
FYP Supervisor:
Suiping Zhou


03.2013 - present Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
09.2010 - 02.2013 Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
01.2007 - 09.2010 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Discrete Mathematics: AY14/15 S2, AY15/16 S2, AY18/19 S1, AY19/20 S1, AY19/20 S2, AY20/21 S1, AY20/21 S2, AY21/22 S1
Algorithms and Computing II: AY17/18 S2, AY18/19 S2


Email: guojian@ntu.edu.sg
Address: Division of Mathematical Sciences, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, 21 Nanyang Link, Singapore 637371.
Tel: (+65) 6514 8399